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The Republic Argentina is located in the south hemisphere , in South America. Buenos Aires is the capital city.It is a cosmopolitan, grateful city , known for its valuable cultural wealth.

In the northwest of the Patagonia and laid on the Cordillera de los Andes, it is the province of Neuquén. In Mapuche language it means “audacious, impetuous, cavalier."

With a surface of 94.078 km2, it is divided into 16 departments.

Its limits are: to the North with the province of Mendoza, to the South with the province of Rio Negro, to the West with the Cordillera de los Andes -the natural limit that separates it of the Republic of Chile- and to the East with the province of Rio Negro and The Pampas.

Their economy is characterized by the energy generation, oil, gas wealth and minerals; infrastructure and services, tourism; commerce, production of fruits and vegetables, cattle-raising y vineyards

Their homonymous capital located on the northeast of the county, in the junction of the rivers Limay and Neuquén, possess 205.000 people, conforming the most important city in the Patagonia.

Neuquén, possessor of an imposing nature, has national parks and provincial protected natural areas created to preserve flora species and representative fauna of Argentina. It is an inexhaustible scenery of proposals that they invite to discover their more surprising landscapes.

It is a land of harmony and contrasts, it combines the rural and arid of the steppe, with majestic summits and surrounded lakes of surprising vegetation.

Neuquén captures the eyesight and the soul of the most demanding visitors from all over the world. Their nature of sublime beauty, the exquisite smell and flavors of the patagónica cousine , luxery hotels offering excellent services , compose a perfect combination to live unforgettable experiences.

Their landscapes are a permanent invitation to dive in the adventure of its defiant summits of eternal snow, its mighty rivers and greens valleys below the patagonico skies

. Neuqu�n Capital
. Villa El Choc�n
. Zona Confluencia
. Alumin�
. Jun�n de los Andes
. San Mart�n de los Andes
. Villa La Angostura
. Villa Pehuenia
. Villa Traful
. Copahue - Caviahue