The Importance Of New Technologies In Our Life

The Importance Of New Technologies In Our Life

For millennia, mankind has slowly but surely made discoveries that made it possible to make a decisive leap forward. Today, science and technology almost annually offer us new opportunities in the field of telecommunications, medicine, energy and other fields. Here is the greatest of them.

  • Blockchain

The blockchain system is an electronic chain with several participants that can’t be broken or forged from the outside. This means absolute security of money transfer and also it can serve as a good service in all areas of life, in which accuracy and security are required. The economic and social potential of blockchain technology is capable of fundamentally changing global markets and abandoning the usual currency.

  • Metabolic engineering systems

Achievements in synthetic biology, systems biology, and evolutionary engineering are gradually erasing the boundaries between the living and inanimate world. The creation of durable materials, fuel, and renewable energy sources is the goal of this branch of science, designed to reduce the cost of technology thanks to natural resources. 

  • Bionic limbs

It has existed for centuries: from pirate wooden legs to Terry Fox’s prosthesis who used this artificial leg during a charity marathon. They were heavy and couldn’t bend, but in the XXI century, they began to quickly improve. Today, there are already ultra-light carbon fiber and titanium limbs, which cost up to $ 50,000, as well as bionic legs that can be controlled with the power of thought!

  • Genomics 

In the near future, scientists will be able to modify human genes for medical purposes. Changing the genes of animals and plants will increase the productivity of agriculture. Genetic engineering will even allow producing microbial-based fuels, as well as growing medicinal herbs. 

  • Hoverboards

It has the form of an ordinary skateboard, but it is devoid of wheels. It is based on two cryostats, that is, two chambers that are designed to contain superconducting material at a temperature of minus 197 degrees Celsius, using liquid nitrogen. At such a low temperature, the material literally pushes the magnetic field, which collides with another magnetic field emitted by the skate park cover. This is exactly what makes a hoverboard fly in the air.

  • Smart robots 

In the next ten years, robots will penetrate the service sector, select office workers, teachers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, and distribute financiers. According to some estimates, about 230 million people worldwide are engaged in mental work. So, some of them may be soon left without work, others will be forced to compete fiercely with each other. 

  • Mobile Internet 

In the next 10 years, 3.5 billion people will be connected to the Internet, and 2 billion of them will do it via mobile devices. This is a huge market, the development of which promises considerable profits to those companies that will be able to provide mobile Internet for territories not previously covered by the World Wide Web. 

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