There are many kinds of balloons are available to purchase

 Latex Balloons

 The main kinds of latex balloons are "pastel", "metal", "mother of pearl" and "crystal":

  • "pastel" balloons come in smooth and feature the largest color palette;
  •  "metal" and "mother-of-pearl" are distinguished by a shiny, metalized surface;
  •  Balloons "crystal" are transparent and come with the most vibrant balls that are saturated in color.

 Pastel balloons are considered to be the most durable. This fact is that metalized as well as crystal balloons, last less time in comparison to "pastel" balloons, and their lifespan is a third shorter. However their appearance is seriously affected by high temperatures when it is hot. transparent balloon's "crystal" gradually turns cloudy "metal" and less shiny, whereas "pastel" remains in its original look the best.

 Latex balloons are available in range of sizes. Manufacturers set them in inches: 5' (12 cm), 9' (22 cm), 12' (30 cm), 14' (35 cm), 16' (40 cm), 18 inch balloons (45 cm) and 3' (70-80 cm).

 The smaller 5", as well as nine" balloons, are typically used to create garlands and also for decoration (for instance, they can be used to fill surprise boxes). These balloons are not filled with helium, because Helium has a limited lifespan, and the balloon will rapidly deflate and deflate.

 The standard dimensions 12" and 14" balloons are the most widely used. They include balls with no pattern, balls with a pattern, and balls that have confetti. The color palette is the largest, and the balloons can be filled with air or helium (for decoration) and are also used to create garlands.

 Larger diameter balloons, 16" and 18" offer a lot of lifting power that allows you to incorporate paper garlands, tassels, and other decorations. Examples of sixteen-foot (40 cm) balloons include Golden Glitter confetti balloons, 18' (45 cm) balloons are huge balloons without patterns.

 3' (70-80 inches) meter balloons are the biggest (example). Despite the name, the meter balloons are usually inflated to 70-80 centimeters because otherwise, they will not be able to fit inside the doorway and they are more susceptible to external influences and mechanical harm (the more inflated the balloon is, the smaller the wall). These balloons are transparent and opaque with various kinds of confetti. They may be decorated by inscriptions, garlands as well as on their own are large-scale figures made from balloons using the gas helium. Examples include the cat, a dog, a unicorn, and the giraffe.

 Agate Balloons

 Agate balloons have incredible patterns that are similar to the patterns of semi-precious stones. They are created from transparent, colorless 12-" latex balloons made using an exclusive technique using acrylic paint. The pattern is never repeated and is always unique. Do not worry, even if the balloon will burst, the paint will not stain anything around, since we provide balloons time to dry completely before delivery. Only our workshop is at risk while balloons are drying =) This is why the balloons should be ordered at least a day before the date of delivery/self shipping.

 They're great for photoshoots, unforgettable gifts, or decorating fancy parties. But, due to the advancements in manufacturing technology that they use, the flight time that balloons can fly Agate balloons is less than about 1-3 days. And if it is important for you that the balloons can fly for a prolonged duration, you ought to be looking at different options.

 Confetti Balloons

 Confetti balloons can be described as a form that are transparent balloons made of latex ("crystal") that have the addition of confetti manually. The confetti could be metallic or paper, in various shapes and sizes as well as in the same color or a variety of shades. Confetti of various dimensions, shapes, and colors can be combined into one balloon. Such balloons are spectacular and perfect for photo sessions, memorable gifts, or decorating party decorations, they are guaranteed to bring a lot of happy feelings!

 Balloons that have confetti tend to fly smaller than regular balloons, as the confetti adds extra volume to the balloon and lowers the power of its lift. As with the other crystals with transparent surfaces, the process of oxidation is evident most clearly on the confetti balls. With time, the balls become less transparent, cloudy, and lose their luster (you can read more about why this happens here). In normal conditions (at the normal temperature indoors) the process isn't too slow, but in the summer, when it is under the influence of high temperatures as well as exposure to the sun it accelerates significantly, so in the summer months and especially if the balloons are supposed to be used outdoors, you should be prepared that they can quickly lose their transparency, and you might want to go with opaque balls if you don't want to risk it.

 There are two methods of creating these balloons: using The HiFloat method (so the confetti is evenly distributed inside the balloon, while the balloon itself can fly for longer than without treatment) or without HiFloat treatment (then the confetti will be placed near the base of the balloon and are free to move inside the balloon, but the flight time of such balloons is limited to twelve hours).

 Foil Balloons

 Foil balloons usually last longer than latex balloons and don't require HiFloat treatment since their material is not able to allow the helium molecules to leave the balloon. Foil balloons gradually deflate without losing their attractive look If used with care, they can be reinflated with air (yourself with a tube) or Helium! Additionally, foil balloons are ideal for personalizing inscriptions using stickers because they have a smooth surface where the stickers are evenly applied and can stay on longer.

 The balloons that are oiled without pattern can be in shapes like a star, heart circle, crescent, circle 3D sphere, crystal the palm tree, the cube, etc. They look fantastic when paired with confetti and latex balloons!

 There are also a variety of shaped foil balloons with different designs, as well as "walking balloons" which are filled with helium, however, they do not soar into the air thanks to tiny weights invisible to the eye - they begin "walking" and living their lives on any air movement.

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